and this is my digital space.

I'm a 32 year old woman originating from eastern Poland who is on a quest to show those around her that the time to live life is now, and that all we have is not so much the present moment but rather our collection of memories that gather the most cherished, wholesome, but also most difficult moments from our lives.

Despite my baby-looking face I have already gone through quite some changes in life, worked across various industries including sport, corporate business, tech, public relations, and, most importantly, education. I have lived in different countries and explored a multitude of possible life paths, and living environments.

I believe that who we are is not defined by the labels we give ourselves, but rather the values that we hold dear to our hearts. They are the foundation for our feelings and thoughts, decisions, and actions. What makes me who I am is the deep care for health, both on a physical and mental level, continuous learning, and conscious connections with others.