A lifetime later

Hi friend, I’m back.

It’s been a while, I know, but. When stalking other peoples’ blogs I realised that everyone falls into their own writing frenzies, like I obviously did towards the end of 2022,  which are then followed by longer periods of silence. I suppose this is when life actually happens or when big changes are taking place.

Or at least I’m telling myself that to feel better about the complete abandonment of this blog.

What’s new?

Oh lord, nearly everything. Classic zuz, go big or go home.

And as a result I don’t even have a home now. A friend of mine (cheers Rafi) made me adopt a beautiful phrase to define that state of being - homefree. More to come on that another time though. Same goes for a proper life update - it will come when the dust has settled a little, as I’m literally about to hop on my 7AM flight from Portugal to Poland, visit 3 different cities along a 1000km drive to finally pick up keys to my new temporary accommodation.

About changes and needs.

To leave you with a reflection to consider during the rest of the day and to maybe tingle your sense of I got my shit together a little, here comes a short philosophising-zuz piece:

The waterfall of changes in the recent months has made me realise, yet again, that there is no wrong moment for making life changing decisions. You are never too young, too old, too settled, too free, too poor, or too wealthy. Our age does no longer define our knowledge, education level, life experience, or in general “the socially accepted way to be”.

There is no status you’ve attained, or time limit for you to figure out what is that you really value and to get in touch with your true, internally driven needs. With the world changing at an unimaginable speed it is so easy to get confused, burn out, and disconnect from our bodies and mind. It’s so easy to fall into the addicting whirl of social media which tell us how to be, what to like, what to strive for. We keep on running on our relentless hamster wheels until one day we fall, only to realise we could have just stepped out of them gracefully (or not, wink wink) as a result of our own conscious choice.

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Regardless if you feel that there is something you would like to change in your life or not, I invite you to simply stop. Our lives got so deeply automated that majority of the decisions we take throughout the day are not even ours anymore.

So my darling, stop, breathe, and take a moment to reflect on your day. How much of it was a classic autopilot - doing without thinking? How much of it was already preplanned weeks ago, so you just followed the schedule?

And how much of it was genuinely yours? Be honest.

End of rumbling for this one. Good to be back.

Maybe some further posts will pop up soon.

Or maybe they won’t.