A lifetime later

Over many months of abandonment, a thick layer of dust has settled all over this digital space. Despite an occasional tingling of my fingers I never took the proper time to reunite with my keyboard to encapture my everyday within words, until today. What changed and made me attempt to bring this page back to life? Kinda everything, read on.

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What's new - a little life update

I've been busy. If you know me at least a little you may know that I take quick decisions and have a tendency to flip my life upside down. Last time it happened 5 years ago when I decided to leave my country and start a new coding career from scratch. This time I didn't move places, but fell into the rabbit hole of web3 (you know, blockchain, crypto and that kind of stuff), started a new job and quit after 10 days, created an online course from scratch and also decided to leave software engineering behind me. In fact, so much has happened over the last two months that for the sake of my own sanity I decided to write (some of) it down.

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Hello world

If you are familiar with the coding world at least a little bit you probably agree with me that I couldn't come up with a more cliché title for the first post. But that's entire point of it as this page is meant to be just a regular, down to earth space without trying to be extraordinary.

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