Hello world

Hi, I'm Zuz and I'm really happy to see you here. We might have already met, maybe you are one of my friends, family (hi mum) or students or maybe you have no clue who I am, yet you are still reading this. Welcome to my tiny space in the World Wide Web.

In order not to make this introduction long and boring, I just wanted to set some expectations from the beginning (more on expectations as a concept another time). And don't worry, I don't want to set any expectations for you but rather for myself. You can have them in mind when considering coming back here to read more in the future.

Lost in the perfect Internet presence

I have never been specifically active in the different social media myself but I must admit I have spent quite some time scrolling through them since I joined Facebook back in 2009 as a high school student. I could also mention some O.G. platforms like typically polish Grono, NaszaKlasa or the global MySpace network which I was also a part of but nothing else inspired people to be cool more than Facebook did. You know the drill - great profile pictures, look what I ate today, proudly announcing new successes on LinkedIn or going quite the other way of showing how anti-something we are. Anti-make-up, anti-climate change, anti-corporations and the list can go on and on.

This is exactly what I want to avoid here. Some time ago I set myself a goal of trying to achieve balance in my daily life, be it work, relationship, activity, organization and planning or health. It took me solid 30 years to realize that perfectionism is overrated and also pretty destructive. Realizing something doesn't mean though that you are over something. It's a lifelong work of letting go of being the best, most practical, most followed and appreciated. It's a lifelong work of figuring how to stay true to yourself, your own needs, beliefs and passions.

That's why you won't find phenomenal photos here. You won't read stories about me nailing life. This page will not be my online CV for recruiters (you can reach out to me anyway, it's nothing against you in any way) or a wall of achievements. You can't even hit a like button here.

Curiosity, mistakes, dreams

Now that I'm writing this I'm becoming more aware that I created this space mainly for myself to have an outlet for my thoughts, to write down learnings from different experiences, to translate travel memories into words, to keep my closest people updated on how I am and what's going on in my head. What you will find here is honesty and genuine curiosity about the world, about the tech space, different cultures, reflections about the ups and downs of being a teacher, stories on how different areas affected who I am. In general a massive mishmash (I have no idea if this word even exists in English, if not - welcome to Polish language 101!)

At least I will try my best to make it happen despite the little perfectionist Zuz whispering in my head that I should just delete all the above.

Lots of love my dear, if you can relate - feel free to drop me a message.